Syennie Valeri

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15 February 2024 at 12:30


Syennie Valeria, an Indonesian graphic designer now based in London, holds a degree in visual communication design from Tarumanagara University Jakarta and a master's in Data Visualisation from the University of the Arts London. Despite winning the Best Junior Illustrator in the Indonesian Graphic Design Awards 2009, she chose to kick off her career as a graphic designer in advertising agencies such as Saatchi Saatchi Jakarta. Venturing into freelancing for advertising agencies, communities, and NGOs, Syennie discovered the world of data visualisation through her first project with the University of Indonesia and Google, as well as the Dear Data exhibition she came across at The Centre Pompidou, sparking her keen interest in delving deeper into this field. She then expanded her life adventure in Berlin, exploring her illustration and design style by creating event identities before deciding to move to London and study for her master's during lockdown. After graduating, she began her first career in data visualisation by freelancing for various companies, creating data visualisation work for Cartier Philanthropy, Diageo, and also joining the Signal Noise team before working full-time in her current role with Dragonfly Intelligence, a geopolitical and security intelligence service company. This role fulfils her passion for creating impactful work and addresses her concerns about social issues, a topic that was prevalent during her master's studies.

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