Gabrielle Smith

Critical Forum Date

3 February 2022 at 15:40


Gabrielle Smith is a British-Grenadian creative whose work has coexisted in the worlds of media (digital and broadcast) and cultural production for 10+ years. Both have provided Gabrielle with a varied and dynamic approach to the work she has created.

A large component of her work focuses around creating impactful approaches to the often overlooked stories, trends and movements often led by historically marginalised communities that need more attention in the world-at-large.

She is also the founder of the:nublk, a digital platform created in 2008 which celebrates stories from the Black diaspora through art, conversation, collaboration and film.

Gabrielle currently works as a Sr Designer for CNN’s award-winning Art Department as well as pitching, producing and Art directing a number digital interactives, Data graphics and Editorial illustrations.